Wednesday, November 08, 2006

English accents, children's music

That's a "Ninja Dinosaur" chasing a toy-stealing, card-playing king, pictured above. Put that dinosaur in a rocket ship and I know at least one child who would likely launch himself into outer space out of the sheer thrill (Xander). It's spot-on in sound, too, and one of the tracks on "Colours are Beautiful," the newest "Save a Child" musical compilation. Already this record redefines, once again, what "children's music" means.

With its feel-good sound, and feel-good mission, this newest offering features a Franz Ferdinand, "you-don't-stop" modern sound with brit-pop accents and a Monty Python's kind of storytelling that's innocent enough for the little bright eyes peering up at you as you sing along.

Also, on a bad blogger note: I'll admit to a serious case of the grumps, being away so long from blogging, exercising, and playing music over the last week. This album is lifting my spirits. I'll be playing guitar with the band again tonight. I went for a run this morning. But I'd do it all over again to meet you at the Kindermusik Convention.

Thanks for showing up, laughing in all the right places, and giving us enough to go on ... at least until next year's Convention ... all year long. I can't wait to blog about all the lovely things you'll blogs, and myspaces, and the possibilities.


Miss Amy said...

Molly - it was a joy finally meeting you in person! Thanks for brightening my days :)

Merri Williams said...

Hey, Molly, do you realize that convention 2007 is less than a year away now?! See what y'all have done to us! We're already counting the days til next year!

Thanks for *EVERYTHING*! :-)