Thursday, November 09, 2006

"His voice is the sweetest sound I ever heard"

This little red haired boy is Horatio, and nephew to Jessi Hagood here at Kindermusik International. She took this picture.

I'd like to use it in some email marketing pieces we send to parents and was wondering: What would the headline be? Would the voice be his, or his parents? Would the headline be the parent's voice, talking about what her hopes are for him? Or is this picture a conversation between a parent and child? If they are sharing a musical moment, what does it sound like?

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Merri said...

What a *beautiful* picture, Molly! You can see the future lurking in his eyes, peeking out from behind that smile. I hear a child's voice singing, his imagination in full flight, with a mom's voice-over in the background of her dreams for his future. That's what this says to me, fwiw.
Headline? Hmmmmm, how about "possibilities"? Or "I see the future. What do you see?" Those eyes speak volumes with that mysteriously knowing smile.

Good luck!