Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ten years later, she still rocks with Kindermusik

Just today, Kindermusik Educator Theresa Case recieved this email from one of her former student's parents (pictured second from the left):

Theresa, I was looking through some old pictures recently and came across a picture of my daughter, Casey Wood, at Kindermusik class with you years ago. I don't know if you remember her - she's 13 years old now! I thought I'd contact you so you could know what a wonderful, positive influence all the years of Kindermusik were for Casey.

We recently moved to Kansas City (after a few other moves along the way) and Casey attends a music school here called ROCK U. She plays the bass guitar and gets to play in a real rock and roll band! She attends public school for the rest of her classes, but ROCK U is a unique environment that makes taking music lessons lots of fun!

She is a member of a band you can check out their web site at on There are some pictures so you can see what she looks like now! She is second from the left. They (and the rest of the students of ROCK U) just played their second concert for the public at the Hallmark Crown Center in downtown KC in front of 300-400 people.

I truly believe her love for music began during those wonderful Kindermusik classes so long ago. They are such great memories for us. It sounds like you and your business have done very well - I'm so happy for you! Again, thanks for inspiring a little girl so long ago!

Angie Leonhart
Casey's Mom

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