Thursday, April 27, 2006

Study in steady

Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson is one of the most intriguing percussionists of our time. I first saw him in Dave Chapelle's "Block Party USA." In the musical-comedy documentary, the Ohio based comedian stages a free concert in Brooklyn, NY.

Thompson mesmerizes me. The way he plays his drums, the way he holds his head--he's a study in steady. His eyes gently fixed, chin tipped just a bit, he shows a humble countenance that lets you know he's not playing for the crowd, or anyone else. When I watch him play it reminds how great it is to be able to play at all, to create, and be in the presence of music.

Play on.

You can hear Thompson on his new project featured in NPR's song of the day.


Darcie Brown said...

Cool music! Where do you find these artists? J's going to love it.


Molly McGinn said...

YOu can do an iTunes search for "Roots," that's Thompson's band, and he just took part in another new collaborative release called Radiohead. Another beauty.