Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's all connected

Convention, the book club, a PDS—it’s all connected.

Dot #1: The Art of Possibility book club. This month we'll start the free book club for Kindermusik Educators via teleconference.

Dot #2: The Art of Possibility authors are featured keynote speakers at this year’s Kindermusik Convention.

Dot #3: The book was a major inspiration to the Speaker’s Bureau at last year’s city-to-city Kindermusik Educator training, Professional Development Series.

Dot #4: Katie Henderson is leading The Art of Possibilty book club. And Katie has been a tireless advocate for Educator training and a member of the Speaker’s Bureau. She’s also proof of the possbilities. She's owner and director of Music Connections of Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. She’s a mom, she has a new puppy she rescued from Nashville, TN, and she quotes Maya Angelou in her email signature.
“This book was a major resource for last year’s Professional Development Series, Catch the Spark, and provided, in my opinion, some of the most impactful educator learning and attitude shifts I’ve ever witnessed.”
She’s another Wonder Woman, too (see Wonder Woman post below).

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