Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ginger Ale goes through the nose, too

April is National Humor month. We're not talking the tee-hees or the snickers. We're talking full-on guffaws. I have a few friends who never fail to make me blow Ginger Ale through my nose (I don't like milk), which is exactly what's happening in this picture here as my friend, Super Jessica, is making me laugh and taking the picture.

Other people who double me over:
Rachel Cupery in Verona, Wisconsin (best friend since 7th grade)
Scott Cross, DRMY!'s Senior Writer
Kathryn Brown, DRMY!'s Consultant Loyalty Representative
My brothers Danny and Ryan
Literally, this morning, everyone at KI with a dramatic interpretation of life since we started Fish

Who's on your list?

“Laughter increases white blood cell activity and changes the chemical balance of the blood. This is believed to boost the body’s production of chemicals needed for alterness and memory. Laughter reduces stress, and low stress enhances the brain’s receptivity to learning. According to researchers, laughing (having fun) also boosts the body’s immune system for three days – the day of the fun and the next two.” --Start Smart!: Building Brain Power in the Early Years by Pam Schiller

For more, check out this old issue of Tune In on how music develops humor.

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