Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The story behind Tom Thumb and Kindermusik EP

"Kindermusik EP" is the name of the new Indie Rock album by singer and songwriter Tom Thumb. Here's what he said about why he named the new album Kindermusik:

"We recorded in a church in Maine, holed up over a weekend. The church's sign out front said 'Kindermusik' in those movable marquee letters. It looked like it had said that for years, but from our perspective it was an announcement of what was playing in the church that weekend. So that's what we named the record. Plus most of the songs come from a group of songs I wrote about aging. It seemed appropriate. It's where the 'Latter Day Saints' as the backing band came from too. I've done solo stuff for a while and this was a record of me with a band- a straight representation of the live set, no overdubs and whatnot. So it's me and the Saints playing Kindermusik in a church. "

The album is available for sale on his Web site, or in iTunes. Search "Tom Thumb and the Latter Day Saints."

The photo is courtesy of Sooz on Flickr.

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