Friday, April 20, 2007

Believe in Music

By now, you've seen the logo and the Web site for the 2007 Kindermusik Convention in Chicago. And I've been chomping at the blogging bit to post a picture of the logo. But when Erin Mazzeo's beautiful brown eyese blinked a look of disappointment when she saw a premature post on the blog, I agreed to wait.

What can I say about the logo? I love it.

Designer Dan Halpern spelled the word music using musical symbols. Here's a rundown of the musical symbols in music.

M is for Mordant―in music, a mordent is an ornament that means that the note is to be played in rapid alternation with the note below.
U is Fermata—indicates holding a note for a long time.
S is a Turn—It’s a kind of ornamentation in which you play the original note, then the note above, then the original note, then the one below, and then the original note again. You can play the Turn at any tempo you wish.
I is a Natural clef—used for pitchless instruments, such as percussion.
C is Cut time—indicates 2/2 time, also called Alla breve.


Darcie Brown said...

Verra kewl.

Jan Schluter said...

Have I missed receiving an email about the convention? Merri said we should get something this past Monday, and I didn't. Now it seems from your blog that maybe I should've gotten an email or something. Will you let me know?
Jan Schluter

Molly McGinn said...

Jessi, who works here, let me know I put up the wrong definition for Turn, so I've corrected it.

Whenever I read the word "kewl," it makes my lip cewrl.

And yes Jan, we sent out something yesterday, but you can get everything you need on the Convention Web site. I've included a link in the main post, Convention 2007.

Merri said...

I *LOVE* the logo!

(although I have a slight difference of opinion about the tempi of the turn.)


And I haven't received anything about the convention, either. I learned about it on the loop from a looper who posted the direct link.

:cheesy grin: And I've *already* signed up!

Anonymous said...

Love it!
Where can I get it on a t shirt?
Molly, work your magic at H.O.!
I'm sure they'd be a big hit at convention!
Lori K.