Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Xander's Kwips

The most complex-sounding bird song in the world belongs to the Lyrebird. A true performer, this bird can imitate the sounds of over 20 different species, such as the laughing kookabura. He's even sampled a few modern sounds, such as a camera shutter, a camera with a motor drive, car alarm, and a forest chain saw. Sometimes, he even sounds like R2-D2.

He does all this, to woo a girl bird.

Watch the bird in this video clip on
It takes a few moments to load, so you may want to have it ready if you're showing little ones.

PS. "Xander's Kwips" will be a weekly video feature, inspired by three-year-old Xander. It's meant for all little ones and big ones to watch in awe together.


Anonymous said...

That bird reminds me of that dude from Police Academy who could do sound effects.

Larvelle Jones

Molly McGinn said...

I saw him perform in High Point. He did a one-man Jimi Hendrix thing. Amazing.

Nice pic, too.