Monday, June 19, 2006

Relax, register before fall

In the hopes of getting families registered before the fall semester, Darcie sent around a list of top seven reasons to enroll before the leaves start falling. You can pretty much see the big reason why they early push for fall in the picture of Darcie here on the right. Aww.

Her email secured almost one new re-enrollment every hour after she sent the email out, as well as several inquiries.

Here it is, word for word:

7. Save $5 per class when you register by June 15th.
Classes start at $99 for signing and $119 for music and movement.

6. You'll get a class time that works for you.
Choose from 20 class times to work with your busy schedule.

5. You can spread out your payments.
Choose from our four, two or one payment plan options. All you need to pay now is the $60 deposit per class.

4. Our class sizes are limited and we have spaces available in all our classes.
Classes are filling fast with morning, evening, and Saturday options available.

3. Your child will receive his or her materials at the first class rather than having to wait.
Class materials include a take home book, CD, and activities you can use at home right away.

2. You'll make life easier for Darcie.
Baby’s due in only 2.5 more weeks.

1. Relax. Sign up now and you can take one more thing off your mind.

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