Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kindermusik on My Space

Really wasn’t expecting a thing when I typed “Kindermusik” into the My Space search field.

What I found were pages started by parents as online, interactive photo albums of their children. Other pages listed Kindermusik as interests. Another impressive page, complete with an imbedded "FREE Class Preview" coupon belongs to a pair of Kindermusik studio owners.

Now I know My Space has mixed reviews. “A few stupid people ruined it for everybody,” my 14-year-old niece said this weekend. So bashfully I’ll admit to starting my own page some time ago, which has transcended into “Music My Space” page. There I can post original recordings, pictures, and I’ve reconnected with folks I knew in high school. I avoid stupid people whenever possible.

Even odder is the new connection made with a music producer in Poland who is considering mixing my voice for some house club music tracks. Neat.

Regardless, I’m proud of the creative, Web 2.0, interactive-savvy ways Educators and families are reaching out to connect with each other. Take a look.


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