Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Start your own scholarship

Last night I talked with a first-time mom who was struggling to find a job and still worried that her son hadn't said his first word, yet . "How much is Kindermusik?" She asked. When I told her, she said she and her husband were barely scraping by, but that maybe they could get something together to take classes. She didn't say it to ask for charity. It was just a mumbled truth.

What can I do? Something like Kindermusik Educator Sonya Kempf, and Shirley Grossman, who started a scholarship of their own. I'll profile Sonya soon on the Teacher's Lounge, who is also using money from direct sales parties to fund her scholarship. In the meantime, here is what Shirley writes about how she got started.

"Instead of gifts parents normally give me at Christmas time and the end of the schoolyear, I request that they give a donation to my Materials Scholarship Fund. We now have over $400 in this fund, and it has been wonderful for some of my needy families. Since children love to give presents, I also suggest that the children make a picture for me, so they have something special to give me that I can ooo and ahhhhh over."

Do you have a scholarship? Send me an email at mmcginn@kindermusik.com

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