Monday, January 14, 2008

While we're talking about videos ...

Miss Sunny, you have utterly amazed me, once again. Watch a video of her parents talking about her Kindermusik program.

Here's how she did it, in her words:

I'm so very excited to share with you that Musik & Motion website now features an in-house video of our very own Kindermusik families in action. In working with Chris Stone (a genius in video editing and story crafting) and Pat Kuske (ditto for cinematography)-- these two amazing and talented people have skillfully and visually captured a bit of what goes on in the Kindermusik class at Musik & Motion in a 5 minute 38 second video. Chris and Pat are consummate professionals, extremely personable, dependable, and willing to go the extra mile for you. I hope to be able to work on future projects with both of them again! Kindermusik families, thank you for generously offering and bravely sharing your testimonials on camera after class. Each of your testimonials whether on/off camera, written or verbal mean oh, so much to me, and I appreciate every word of it!And Kindermusik educators out there, if you're looking to create a video for your program, please don't hesitate to contact me or Chris. Ditto for any businesses, schools or non-profit organizations looking to capture your mission and story on camera.


Darcie + Xander said...

Wow! We want to be in Miss Sunny's class too!!!!

Molly McGinn said...

I could definitely see something similar for families at Revival Arts Studio.

Hi Xander!