Monday, January 07, 2008

Stella's Dance

I moved around alot growing up. Best, best, bestest friends were hard to come by. Scratch that. Bestest friends are hard to come by even if you live in the same town all your life.

We were b/f in 7th grade, and Rachel and I lost touch somewhere around junior year. I changed schools. She got a boyfriend. We drifted.

Years later, sometime in February 2005, I'd heard that Rachel's husband--and father to Rachel's 1-year-old daughter, Stella--had died in his sleep. Within a few weeks I'd bought a plane ticket to Verona, WI, and met up with Rachel again. We didn't skip a beat. All those years had disappeared. And we laughed and grieved over 1,000 things.

At the time, Rachel was frustrated that she couldn't find any books to help her daughter deal with her grief. So. She wrote her own.

Now available online, and in your Barnes & Noble, and Borders book stores. If not available, ask them to order it and perhaps the store will consider carrying the book.
Stella's Dance.
Rachel and Stella's story in The Capital Times.

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