Thursday, August 30, 2007

Love: Mollie Greene's words

Last summer I loved to read the way she'd complain about the heat. Now, with a third curly-haired child on the way, she has taken to writing love/hate lists.

Clearly, she's a Kindermusik Educator. Thanks for sharing you, Mollie Greene.

vacuuming the house just before bed
new school clothes and the way kids feel when wearing them
jude’s sneaky way of charming sips of coffee from my cup
the amazing way that children! learn! to read!
marvel hero (and villain) postage stamps
the potential for cooler weather
hel looks and the all-too-brief explanations as to what the heck is going on there
finding a good pattern to make the use of and need for kleenex lovely

cereal for dinner
amber on big brother 8
three year old whining instead of the helpful use of words to express needs, dislikes, displeasure
adults posessing self-centeredness but poorly disguising it as busy-ness
uncomfortable inability to not feel enormously pregnant

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mollie said...

oh . . . you're too nice. :)