Thursday, August 16, 2007

Top Toy Trends 2007

I've been (not so) joking about getting a red, radio flyer wagon to cart my guitar amp from my car into bars for gigs. Novelty, and practical, yes. I could use the wagon as an amp stand, too.
Now that I see this new take on a radio flyer, I'm doing a double take. Unfortunately, my amp would crush this little worm, but I'd still like to take him for a spin. Or a bob. Or a wiggle.
Check out all the top toy trends profiled in Parent magazine and take special note: Almost every single one has a music and movement spin.


Lori B said...

Molly...I had the same inch-worm riding toy that you have pictured...but mine did not have a red saddle. What memories! (I wonder if I would have to wear a helmet to ride it now?) ;o)

mollie said...

our radio flyer is lumpy bumpy unless padded down with a quilt or something. food for thought . . .