Monday, December 11, 2006

Which one do you like?

Tell me your favorite shot and we'll upload it to the

Thank goodness for Darcie because she's taught me so much about photography, including how to take a good head shot, and product shot. This afternoon was nice and sunny, so I took the Our Kind of Day At Home Materials outside and snapped these pics (we're employee-owned, honey. We save where we can. Plus, I like flexing the old shutter-finger).

Host your own 15 minute product photo shoot:
  1. Across the street is a huge brick building. In the afternoon, the sun goes behind the building, so it's just the right mix of light and shade for a photo shoot.
  2. I fastened my white-paper backdrop to a windowsill on the outside of the building, near the sidewalk. I used rocks to hold up the paper against the windowsill, and arranged the products on the white paper.
  3. Then, I got down on the ground, real close to the products, and took pictures.
  4. The only potential hazzard was a car driving by every once in a while. Thank goodness I spent all that time as a kid playing in the streets ... so I had the good sense to know when to get out of the way.


Minnesota Kindermusik said...

Hi Molly, I like the third shot. It has the baby out on her own looking proud and a nice face on the grown up.

Merri said...

Hey, Molly!

I vote for shot #3. I like how you've got the Joey wedged between the shakers. It's inviting the viewer to check out all of the home materials, and they're all very clearly seen. Thanks for giving us something so useful for marketing Home materials to our families!

Lori Kilmer said...

Definetly #3.
Looks great!

Aimee Carter said...

Hate to copy, cause that's not me, but I also choose shot number 3. Oh and feel free to sing this remark to any tune you desire! :-)