Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Do books still matter?

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"We’re just not going to be reading for text anymore,” said Saveri, the Institute for the Future researcher. “We’re going to be ‘reading’ for movies, graphics, images, digital stories, symbols,” she says. “You may say young people aren’t reading the classics, but 20 years from now, there might be some classic multimedia pieces with video, with hyperlinks. That’s the new edge of literacy.”

Saveri suggests parents blog with their kids, make a YouTube video, jump into the new media - and take books along. “We’ve got to get over our nostalgia,” she says. “Denying your child a rich media world is doing your child a disservice.”

Do books still matter?


Terri said...

Perhaps I am interpeting this incorrectly, but...Just remember that teaching children to think and create will be the best tool for them. They will be able to use any technology if they are taught to think creatively and independently. Hmmm..I believe Jane Healey taught me that at a Kindermusik convention!

Terri said...

interpreting, I mean!

Merri said...

While I love the new technology and enjoy working with it myself, *nothing* can ever take the place of a good book, imho.

As a child, books were my escape from a world that I didn't understand and could not cope with very easily, due to extremely poor vision. Books made me believe that anything was possible and that I could be a part of it. :-)