Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Where I was during Convention

Via Neatorama.


sean coon said...

was that after aisle six in kaybees?

Molly McGinn said...

Aisle 2.

Merri said...

That is just too, *TOO* cute for words! I'm off to Neatorama to check this one out!

Thanks, Molly! :-D

P.S. *Loved* the scuba gear!

Merri said...

Correction - duh - I'm off from *your* site to check this out! :-p

Miss Amy said...

SO much fun, Molly! I had to make one immediately for my blog.
Missed you like crazy in Chicago!!

Jan Schluter said...

Thank you, Molly! My sons have had the best time with this. It's amazing how they make your eyes blink and do things with the smile.
So many people missed you at the convention. It's good to see you post again.
Jan Schluter

Molly McGinn said...

Thanks Jan.

Have you done it with your picture yet?