Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kindermusik in South Africa

There's one in every class: A camera ham. You'll notice this class ham right away.

You may not notice though that each one of the children in this Kindermuik class is an orphan or HIV Positive. Some aren't five years old and are considered the "Head of the Household."

This video, and a few more , was taken by Kindermusk's President and CEO Michael Dougherty. Michael recently visited South Africa for the Kindermusik Convention. You may also notice the kids are wearing knit caps because it's winter there. I'll post more of Michael's pictures to our Kindermusik flickr page.

"If it's Irving Park or Soweto, Kindermusik has the same effect on every child," Michael said.

More to come ....

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Merri said...

I'm sitting here in tears, truly awestruck by the beauty of these children and how they are so engaged with their Kindermusik educator!

Thank you, Michael, for filming these children, and thank you, Molly, for posting these!