Thursday, February 09, 2006

Educator and advocate

Kindermusik Educator Sarah Flack believes it never hurts to ask. So she recently invited everyone to the ribbon cutting ceremony of her second studio location in Laredo, Texas. Almost everyone showed up, too, including Richard Raymond from the Texas House of Representatives.

Learn more about the event when we talk with Sarah in the Educator Profile section on the Teacher’s Lounge next month.

“I sent out invitations to people that admittedly may have been out of my league, like my state representatives," writes Sarah. "It turns out that Richard Raymond is a music lover and a great proponent of early childhood education. He gave the welcoming speech at the ribbon cutting and presented me with a beautifully framed certificate of congratulations from the Texas House of Representatives.

“We held a 10-20 minute demonstration class, and I sprinkled FOLs and funny stories throughout. It was so incredibly awesome to see these serious business men and women let down their guard and experience being a child again.”

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