Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Things children are not doing when watching TV

FYI, this isn't a PSA on unplugging the tv. I would never deny any child the squealing delight that comes from watching Nemo. I've never seen anything so compelling be so dulling at the same time. And to a child's brain, which is developing at a high speed, watching television is like being stuck in a traffic jam. It only moves forward at a very slow pace. Only two learning senses are work. Want to know what else isn't working?

Things Children are NOT Doing When Watching TV
1. looking left to right, strengthening reading skills
2. practicing motor skills, such as running, jumping, or using scissors
3. practicing eye-hand coordination
4. using more than 2 senses
5. asking questions
6. exploring
7. exercising innovation & motivation
8. being challenged
9. solving problems
10. thinking analytically
11. exercising imagination
12. practicing communication skills
13. being either creative or constructive

Thanks to Kindermusik Educator and Do-Re-Me & You! Consultant Jeanne Lippincott in Oxford Mississipi for providing this list.

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